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Staples is a large American multinational corporation that has over 1500 retail stores. They specialize in office supply among others and has branches in Canada and United States. Some of the products that Staples sells include office machines, staples, technology, business services and promotional products.

Throughout its existence Staple have been using the slogan “Yeah, we`ve got that.” But the slogan was retired and a new word took over. Staple has over years been known to also run the coupon system as a marketing tool for its various stores at different times of the year. They give coupons on a selected list of their commodities to encourage the purchase of these products.

Subway corporation is a large owns a chain restaurants that specialize in selling fast food products with Submarine sandwiches being their signature product. They also sell other fast food products such as salads and pizzas among others. Subway has over time been running promotions on their products through offering coupons on some of their products at different periods and areas to encourage the purchase of these products as well as get new customers.

.Office Depot
Office depot is a big American retailing company who specialize in the supply of office products. They have over 66000 associates and branches in about 59 countries. Office depot has over 2000 retail stores in these countries. Some of their brands include Viking Direct, Tul, Realspace, Foray, Ativa , DiVOGA among others. Office Depot just like amny other large corporations do offer coupons to their customers for different products and on varying terms to promote the purchase of these brands.

eBay is one of the most popular multinational e-commerce company. eBay main line of business is to facilitate business to business as well as consumer to consumer online trade. The company also which is an online shopping and auction website through which individuals and organizations trade across the world. Along

Walmart is the world’s largest multinational corporation, by revenue and total number of employees, that runs a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount departments. Walmart has over 11000 stores distributed across the world. Walmart is the largest family owned company that is run by Walton family. According to records, Sam Walton and family has over half of the corporation under their ownership through among others Walton enterprises as well as through the various family individual holdings. Walmart has over years been running couponing program to help market their products. Walmart coupons are offered on various platforms including coupons offered on various online coupon giving websites and coupons as well as offering other coupons and other deals in their different stSears.

• Sears
Sears, also known as Sears, Roebuck & Company, is an American company that runs a chain of stores. Sears is among the largest companies in America and branches across America, Mexico and Canada. Sears, just like many other large corporations have a number of coupons that run through various sites and also their local stores.

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